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  • App Store Optimization

    App store optimization is the process of getting your app discovered faster by customers with increased visibility in the app store (like Google Play for Android, iOS, Windows Store for Windows Phone, or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry).  

  • Content Writing

    LargeTon has a team of innovative, skilled, and proficient writers engaged in writing effective and actionable content for online promotion campaigns. We focus on writing only valuable content for your targeted audience. From individuals to small businesses and established organisations, we provide SEO copywriting services to businesses belonging to diverse industries. Whether you are looking for expertly written articles, artfully written blogs, or nicely written landing pages, we have experience and expertise in all facets of SEO copywriting.Content is a crucial element of your website. No matter how attractive your website is, if it fails to effectively communicate about your ideas, offerings, and specialties, it will remain a dull piece of art. We at Largeton Inc. focus on each and every element of the content shared to create awareness about your brand and business. We specialise in providing end-to-end content writing solutions to assist online marketing campaigns.

  • Website Development

    Web development is the process of creating an online website for the Internet or an associate's degree computer network. Online development encompasses anything from establishing a single static Web page to complicated web apps, electronic business applications, e-commerce website creation, long-distance informal conversation places, and so on. Web development has been a growing industry since the rapid commercialization of the Internet. Because of organisations desiring to sell things and services to internet customers, this business is growing at a rapid rate all over the world.

  • E Commerce Web Development

    To promote your brand on a global scale, it is a good idea to build an eCommerce website to increase its bottom line. Convenience is an important machine in today's busy world, where everyone is busy, whether it's for a pair of shoes or a piece of cake. The new technology of eCommerce solutions makes your life and business easy to control your stock, update your inventory, or provide in-depth reporting; all you need is in your hands. Hire the best eCommerce website development company in the USA and start your own online store. So don't be afraid to request a quote from an e-commerce development company.

  • Google Analytics

    A business succeeds with an increasing number of customers, and each and every big, mediocre, and giant business wishes to have more customers. If you want to increase the number of your customers, Google Analytics services can help you identify new and potential customer segments and markets across the globe.Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for finding sales leads, troubleshooting issues, and assessing cross-domain requirements. It is the key to understanding which markets to target. It is a widely used web analytics tool that precisely counts website visitors and aids in understanding and utilising the information to raise a company's overall return on investment.At Largeton Inc., we offer reliable Google analytics services to a wide arena of businesses across the globe. Our efforts focus on providing useful data to businesses and turning it into insight. Our team makes sure that only the right data is collected for better insights into your business. We dig deep to bring you the right statistics for growing your online business.

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