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Products & Services - Dr. Swati Rai

Cesarean Delivery

  • Delivery - Normal/Caesarean Section

    C Section Delivery is also referred to as Cesarean Delivery. It’s a surgical procedure of incision in the mother`s abdominal wall and uterus to deliver a baby. It helps women who are at risk and want to avoid risky situations in the delivery room. Dr. Swati Rai, Obstetricians do C-sections Delivery.

genetic counseling pregnancy

  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

    Dr. Swati Rai is the best gynecologist in Noida for treating Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment . She has many years of experience in the field of high-risk pregnancy and its management. If you are looking gynaecologist near me, She is a best option for recurrent pregnancy loss problem.


  • Gyane Problem - PCOD, Adenomyosis

    On the surface, PCOS might look like an issue of just irregular periods, acne, and infertility but when you move closer to the iceberg we see that the issue is much more than we think. If you are experiencing these symptoms do visit your healthcare provider. To know more, schedule your appointment with the best gynecologist, Dr. Swati Rai

high risk pregnancy

Obstetrical and Gynecological Treatments

  • Pregnancy Check Up

    Dr. Swati Rai is the best Obstetrician-gynecologist doctor in Noida for pregnancy Check. She takes care of the mother and baby before delivery, during delivery, and after the delivery.

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